Petrozavodsk пр., Лесной д., 51, корп 1 Тel. 272−540

Fitness club «540» was created in Petrozavodsk for the development and promotion of sports, having at its core elements of acrobatics and gymnastics. Capoeira, Parkour, tricking, as well as acrobatics, yoga and dance classes — these are our main areas.

The main tasks of the sports club «540»:

  • the full development of human body and mind
  • Adoption of a healthy lifestyle
  • Build requirements for physical and moral perfection of personality
  • creation of conditions for physical culture and sports
  • prevention of disease, addictions and criminality
  • the formation of sports teams, the organization of their performations
  • hosting of sports competitions, games, festivals, contests and workshops
  • fitness and athletic performance in a team
  • workshops, organizing performances and meetings with leaders of Physical Culture and Sports

Other areas contributing to the development of mass physical culture and sports activities

In other words, the sport club «540» is - a place where you can work off tricks, develop your physical fitness and bearing, and just spend great time in the company of enthusiastic people contributing to the healthy way of life.

г. Петрозаводск, пр. Лесной д. 51, корпус 1